Latex fetish community: the International Association of Rubberists

The International Association of
Rubberists is for adults who enjoy rubber or latex! 

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"You are not alone!" is the 100% FREE educational support community of the International Association of Rubberists. There are No Fees of any kind! Our mission is to:

  • Help Rubberists overcome loneliness and isolation by nurturing comradeship between like-minded people on an international scale. If you have a fetish for rubber, latex or PVC,you are NOT alone! We understand you!
  • Provide a 100% free and non-commercial, educationally oriented platform for sharing Rubberist-related discussion, information, resources and peer mentoring to help uplift the self-esteem of our members and allow them to lead happier, more fulfilled lives
  • Foster a sense of legitimacy and identity as a group or subculture.
  • To let the rest of the world see that, while we may appear to be very weird or bizarre to some, we are actually decent, responsible, law-abiding people who are generally sucessful in life, care about others and pose no threat to anyone.
WARNING! This site is for Adults Only!!
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