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  1. POLISHES in General (Start separate threads for specific brand names)
  3. POWDERS: Talc, Cornstarch, etc.
  4. LIQUID LUBRICANTS in General (start separate threads for specific brand names)
  5. -----STILLSUIT TECHNOLOGY ----- Dealing with Perspiration
  6. PLUMBING Issues (toileting & sustenance)
  7. Problems with UK Customs
  8. Rubber - hair or no hair
  9. Cleaning and Washing Latex
  10. Deep cleaning latex
  11. Silicone sprays
  12. lubing up an entire catsuit?
  13. No shine Gauntlets
  14. Dressing Aids, what is your preference?
  15. How long can latex last and does its smell change over time?
  16. gave myself a friction burn..or rash..or something please help!
  17. Another type of cleanre; "Joy Division"
  18. Climax Bursts liquid lubricant
  19. Pjur Cult
  20. Rubber durability experiment
  21. Do you wash your gear fresh from the shop?
  22. New rubber friendly lube
  23. Perspiration Worries
  24. Silver Cup Talc
  25. Pjur Eros - Application?
  26. invisible itching after day long latex wearing
  27. Leather Conditioner that is Latex safe
  28. Latex Science! - Storage in silicone lubricant
  29. Kenny's questions about dressing in latex Or: Patience is a Virture, no Really!
  30. first time buyer of latex clothing
  31. Silicone sprays. Are they all the same?
  32. Armor All - which product is best?
  33. Vivishine vs. the others
  34. UK - Poundshop lubricant.
  35. Enemalarm and lots of latex
  36. HELP!!! Cocoon hood
  37. Silicone Toys - Damage to latex?
  38. Can it be used on latex
  39. Cleaning Latex Garments??
  40. Dante Posh makes a YouTube rubber care video
  41. Another possible dressing aid?
  42. Super Heavy Duty, 3L Black Enema/Douche Bag
  43. One method for applying Vivishine.
  44. How do I get adhesive off Latex?
  45. Yes, a waterbased lubricant and moisture
  46. Interaction of Tactical equipment and Latex?
  47. Getting rid of odors
  48. ID Millennium vs Pjur Cult
  49. Lubricant dispenser
  50. Sun Damaged Latex