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International Association of Rubberists FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

30.1 HOW TO add the Calenadar of Events to your (Windows) Active Desktop as a "live" webpage.

HOW TO Install the IAR Events Calendar on your (Windows) "Active Desktop"

Starting with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 you can make your desktop look and work like a web page. You can display web content directly on the desktop, and have the content updated automatically, making the desktop active.

Close or minimize all windows on your desktop. If Active Desktop is enabled, when you right-click a blank space on the desktop, and then point to Active Desktop, additional commands also become available which enable you to add, customize, and update desktop items:

    * Customize My Desktop enables you to turn on the Active Desktop feature, add Web content, and specify whether the content should be available offline (when you're not connected to the Internet).

    * New Desktop Item enables you to select live Web content or pictures from the Active Desktop Gallery or another Internet location. Choosing a desktop item by using this command also turns on the Active Desktop feature.

    * Show Web Content turns on the Active Desktop feature.

When the Active Desktop feature is on, Web content you've chosen appears, or you can add content to the desktop. More commands now appear on the menu.

    * Show Desktop Icons displays or hides the icons on the desktop.

    * Lock Desktop Items secures the size and location of Active Desktop items.

    * Synchronize updates Web page content.

A check mark next to an item indicates that the option is on.


   1. Right-click a blank area on the desktop, and then point to Active Desktop.
   2. Click New Desktop Item.
   3. Type this URL, http://rubberist.net/forums/calendar.php#start into the provided text box.
   4. Once you have followed the onscreen instructions you should have a window on your desktop, if you move your cursor to the top of that window a small toolbar will appear. On the left side there is a small button with a arrow that points down. Click this button and choose "Cover Desktop" if you have chosen to download the larger Active Desktop. If you chose to download the smaller Active Desktop, just grab the edges of the window and drag the window to your desired size.

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