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I am working hard to fix the problem but meantime if you would like to register for an account please use the "Contact Us" link
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International Association of Rubberists FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Moderators and Staff

The IAR Staff are trusted volunteers and well established leaders in the IAR community who have made a hobby of enriching and improving the usefulness of our website to all Rubberists.

If you love rubber, are a leader by nature and are passionate about "making a difference" in the lives of Rubbers ts around the world, the IAR has a "hobby" for you! Why not apply to join our staff! Become an IAR Moderator!

    The primary resonsibility of all categories of all staff is to act as "conversationalists" in taking a leadership role in stimulating members to share their knowledge and support by by getting them to post messages and expand the IAR content generally. All staff should commit to posting enough of their own messages each week to maintain a "presence". All staff are appointed by Wired and Zennor based on demonstrated leadership and and an on-going, high level of participation and pro-activity in the IAR over time.
    There are now only TWO  categories of IAR Staff:

  1. DIRECTORS are administrators who assume major responsibility for the general direction, administration, promotion and operation of an entire "department" of the IAR such as the RubberDex, Forums, Technical Operations, etc. These folks generally have some professional skills in Information Technology and have strong commitment and involvement in all technical, administrative and human aspects of operating and maintaining their department. These are positions of very high trust, pro-activity and responsibility. They require a lot of time, energy and long-term commitment as well as lots of leadership and passion. If you have some exceptional idea for a whole new IAR "department" and have the passion, commitment and skill to implement it, contact Wired.

  2. STAFF  are "conversationalists" and ad-hoc content-tweakers "at large". That is, they "roam" the entire IAR website and attempt to enhance or enrich any of it's content wherever they can. Like any traditional moderator, their primary task is to stimulate other members to post constructive conversation. However, they also focus on "enriching" any existing member postings in any forum by adding content enrichment devices (such as "RDX" or search engine tags), as appropriate. They may also fix minor spelling, broken links, etc. Commitment levels for this position are fairly low and somewhat "ad hoc" but candidates will need to be a very well established member of the IAR and demonstrate skillfulness in the art of stimulating conversation to be considered for it. They also need a fairly high comfort level with using certain "BBCode" tags and a willingness to use them extensively. Enrichers should try to post 3-4 messages per week to maintain a "presence". This is a "high trust" position open only to very well established and well known members.


Become an IAR Moderator! Contact Wired via private email.

Commercial Advertising on IAR

Commercial Advertising on IAR:

The IAR site is open to the adult public and receives approximately 1,500 unique visitors daily. It is VERY international in scope but English is the de facto language. Membership registration is both 100% free and optional but is required to post or access some content areas. As you might guess, these visitors are heavily focused on all aspects of the rubber fetish genre. On average, they view around 16 pages at each visit and often become actively embroiled in ongoing, dynamic conversations in our forums which brings them back often as "regulars". A very significant number visit the IAR on a daily basis.

For additional insight and demographics on the nature of IAR's members, see these POLLS.

The IAR website has been continuously online since 1998. As a well known, well established "association", it's reputation for support, advocacy and as a source of information and education (see the IAR Mission Statement at the bottom of any page), as well as its friendly but generally no-nonsense community, inherently attracts and holds the attention of Rubberists from all over the world, year after year. The site is culturally mature, technically stable, actively monitored by seasoned moderators and has a large number of linkages from other sites which consistently earn it high rankings in the major search engines. The IAR is quite unique on the Internet.

There is no better place on the Internet to reach Rubberists with your commercial message or continually reinforce your brand presence.

IAR currently utilizes an exclusive sponsor model for all banner advertising. Image banners from a single vendor are displayed at the bottom of every one of IAR's thousands of pages for a period of one calendar quarter. This space is sold to the highest bidder, subject to a minimum bid and approval by Wired. There are no variations to this plan. Your bid must be received by the 15th of the month preceding your target quarter and full payment by the 21st of that month.

Technical Requirements:
Banner creatives may be up 100h x 460w pixels in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format only. (We do not accept Flash-based banners. Sorry) File size should not exceed 40k. Animated creatives must not be "annoying" or "in your face". IAR will host and randomly display up to six of your creatives. If you choose to host them, you may display many more and use your own statistical tools to track them. Creatives should be of professional quality, must not display nudity, human genitilia or be of an overtly sexual nature and should reflect dignity and respectability on the rubber fetish subculture. We do not accept advertising from pay-per-view or pornographic sites.

If you would like to become the IAR's exclusive advertiser or have any questions or concerns, CONTACT Wired for information.

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