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International Association of Rubberists FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

80.10 HOW TO: Add "RDX" tags to your messages

The RubberDex or "RDX" is a collection of link information and discussion related to specific external Rubberist-oriented resources such as merchants.

Searching for RDX-specific keywords can be done by prefixing them with an _underscore . (Note that your moderators will add the underscore to important words in the postings in the RDX to make this possible.) Searching for a keyword without an underscore will find the occurences in the main forums but not in the RDX. This makes it possible to search two completely different kinds of word classes!

Adding RDX tags to your messages is very easy and provides a great service to others because it gives them a quick link to the RubberDex listing for the website or merchant you speak of. p> To add an RDX tag for a specific RubberDex listing use this format:

[rdx] name[/rdx] <-- Note the "/" in the ending tag!

EXAMPLE: I buy my stuff from [rdx]Nimueslatex[/rdx]

DO NOT ADD THE UNDERSCORE to the keyword in the RDX tag! (It is automatically added)

The tags are not case sensitive. Note the "/" in the ending tag. Both start and end tags are enclosed in "square" brackets (not curly braces!), must be present.

If the tag does not seem to work when you test it, there is a 90% chance that you inserted a "curly" brace instead of a square bracket. (This is very easy to do because they look similiar and are both located on the same key of your keyboard!) Also experiment with different spellings. If you are not sure if there should be an "s" on the end of the name, it is best to just leave it out.

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