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View Entire Thread: .CORSETS or GIRDLES of rubber/latex

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    Apr 2006
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    Default Re: CORSETS or GIRDLES of rubber/latex

    I was talking to Fakir Musafar some months ago, and he told me that the now retired BR Creations corsetieres were the only people licensed to make corsets using his patterning techniques.

    Now what's so special about his patterns?

    They were designed to conform around the hip bones and ribs, yet pull in the waist as tightly as possible to create that hourglass shape.

    While this goal may seem obvious to anybody who's lusted after a corseted body, it's really difficult to do.

    After buying my first 4 corsets from BR Creations, I've bought a custom corset off eBay and another from DeMask, and neither has given me that wasp waist quite like the BR Creations.

    He did also say that there are some active corsetieres who do use his techniques without paying him royalties, although he won't pursue an infringement case against them.

    If I ever get the chance again, I'll have to ask who they might be.

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    Mar 2006
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    Default Re: CORSETS or GIRDLES of rubber/latex

    For me a black rubber catsuit teamed with a matching corset or girdle is how I like to dress. As restrictive as possible of course! When I think about it to wear a corset and girdle together over the catsuit would be the ideal! Well that and being attached to a corset bar for a tightlacing session! Such dreams........
    catsuit 52
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