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View Entire Thread: Pjur Eros - Application?

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    Default Pjur Eros - Application?

    I just bought some of this from Syren:

    It's the 30ml bottle. Now, I'm not sure how best to apply it. Do I place a few drops on a soft cloth and rub it on the latex? Or do I place a few drops on the latex, and rub it around with my hand? Also, when using it as a lube for the inside of the latex, what's the best way to apply it? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    I like using a sponge to shine the latex. Find the smoothest household sponge you can, and put drops on the sponge and apply to the latex. It goes much much further this way.

    When using it as a dressing aid, I generally pour a bit into the tough spots, such as ankles and calves on a catsuit or sleeves and rub the sides together. I also put it on parts of my body where I know it might stick, such as at my sides. Make sure you do NOT put it in the feet of socks or stockings, because it can cause you to slip and slide around and get injured.

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    Default Re: Pjur Eros - Application?

    I just use bare hands. Wipe them on a towel afterwards.


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