Wired, Wetseal put a huge amount of effort into the tutorials, wish I had them when I started, but like many things the wheel was invented all over the world at the same time. Like the motor car and airoplane, no one is really sure who was first.

I have read the whole tutorial and found that the art of rubber making is a many faceted occupation, most of what he says I have learn't by trial and error, it could have been different had I first read it.

It still boils down to the dexterity of your hands and patience, and hands on training is the way to go, workshops and seminars, would be the ideal. But because of the vast difference and seperation of our circumstances, it is difficult.

Then again the availability of materials and equipement in each ones own location also complicates the matter. It is still the best idea for each local group to help and share info, but because we are such a private crowd, we do not comunicate well, and make the nessassary contacts.

So all in all Wetseal must have known this, hense his exelent tutorial.