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    Default Re: Buying rubber

    Quote Originally spoken by rubberpak
    Hi, I'm just new here. I have a fetish for rubber and rainwear, but as you all will know it isn't the cheapest hobby you can have . Does anyone know were to buy good rubbersuits and rainwear for a good price? Is it better to buy online than to go in a shop?
    you can but it from lacrosse-rainfair....they have heavy yellow rubber raincoats/parkas/pants......also check out cooke rubber rainwear......there is also rothco they sell rubber rainsuits and ponchos........check them out on the web.......they all are in the usa

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    Default Re: -----RAINWEAR, MACKINTOSHES & CAPES-----

    Does anyone know if 'Weather or Not' are still in business? I was passing through Market Drayton yesterday, remembered that they were based there and thought I'd pop in. I didn't know their address but tourist information were very helpful, didn't know of any rainwear shop and lent me a telephone book in which 'Weather or Not' weren't listed. Just curious. Ian

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    Default Re: -----RAINWEAR, MACKINTOSHES & CAPES-----

    I have a catalogue from 1998 which lists them as

    66 Shropshire Street
    Market Drayton
    Shropshire TF9 3DG

    01630 652097.

    As you say, they're not in Yellow Pages. I phoned the number and it went through to a normal BT 1571 answering service. I left a message asking if they still in business or not, and I'll post a message if someone calls back.

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    Default Re: -----RAINWEAR, MACKINTOSHES & CAPES-----

    Quote Originally spoken by Ian
    Does anyone know if 'Weather or Not' are still in business? I was passing through Market Drayton yesterday, remembered that they were based there and thought I'd pop in. I didn't know their address but tourist information were very helpful, didn't know of any rainwear shop and lent me a telephone book in which 'Weather or Not' weren't listed. Just curious. Ian
    I believe "weather or not" has amalgamated or sold to a company" Stormcloud " in devon,though i think still run the operation in market drayton,though not sales bri

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    Default Re: -----RAINWEAR, MACKINTOSHES & CAPES-----

    I wrote to Weather or Not some months ago and received the reply that they had gone out of businress. There was no mention of any other firm.

    I sjhould be glad to hear of a good SBR firm. Weathrv

    Rubberist Blackie, Fetishist, Masochist, Exhibitionist.

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    Default Re: Looking for Christian Raincoat from Ohio

    Quote Originally spoken by Claustrophilia
    I'm going to agree with Observer here. The link in question is filed next to a collection of "rainwear fiction" on a raincoat maker's website. No real person in their right mind writes in about how dual layered raincoats with chastity devices and padlocks keep their girls from smoking, drinking, and promiscuity. It was fiction, very little about actual christian values and 95%about the raincoat design...it was meant as fetish reading.

    But I'll bet YOU could make it a reality...the description is very detailed and could be brought to a designer! Then tell all your friends it's an actual chastity raincoat and their kids will go bad without one!
    Aye, that is quite possible.

    They posted a mail from me, sans the pix.

    Lorraine hasn't taken up the idea yet.

    Kind regards

    Last edited by Ataraxia; 2006-Feb-05 at 20:49.
    Only a bag is decent clothing!

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    Default Rubber Rainwear IRL!

    There's a lot of wide and in depth discussion here of all the many aspects of rubberism; I would love to add a new opportunity. My wife and I have collected loads of rubber rainwear over the past 15 years together (and 20+ each alone); ranging from industrial style rubber rainsuits to custom sbr trenchcoats. Jen even has a black sbr custom made trenchcoat from Holland that closes with a hidden nylon zipper in the back center seam. From the front it looks just like any of our classic Weather-Or-Not rubber trench coats.
    I mention this because we take every opportunity to venture out in foul weather (around Chi-town, thats easy), always, especially for her, layered in rubber. We really dont draw much attention, we're fairly normal looking 50 somethings, although she has turned ahead or two when asking me to unzip or zip her closed in that previously mentioned raincoat.
    Does anyone else enjoy this? We can't be alone, and there are many more stories to tell. Just would hate to bore any of you; so let us know if this means as much to you as it does us, your experiences, etc. If the demand is there; I'll write all night!
    Thanks to all.

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    Default Re: Rubber Rainwear IRL!

    Yummmiii Wish to see how you look in rainwear - any pics? And wish to have few items like you described.
    I a lot use bicycle, even in rainy weather... so I put on some chest height waders, some raincoat...

    So - Yes, I too enjoy that type of stuff, and You are not alone...
    Last edited by Rubb; 2006-Apr-07 at 10:44.

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    Default Re: Rubber Rainwear IRL!

    Bring it on, Jack. I've often felt there was a lack of your kind of rubber on this site. There's much more to rubbering than wll to wall catsuits!

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    Hissing Sid


    I was reading through this thread with interest because mack's are a particular favourite of mine and I thought I'd offer some opinions...

    Firstly, I'm also flicking through the rubberdex as I write this. Assuming it's not in there, www.shinymac.com is a good place to start looking for a decent mack at a reasonable price.
    Alas, the shinymac website was recently purchased by the people who make Storm Clouds mackintoshes and, for some reason, the site seems to contain less and less 2nd-hand mackintoshes for sale.

    Then there's Premier Rainwear...
    Weathervain and Gecko Rainwear are definately linked and both sell only Premier Rainwear Mack's. Lakeland Elements also sell Premier Mack's although they also seem to sell others as well.
    A google search for "Premier Rainwear" will get you an address and phone number from the Manchester chamber of commerce directory. I'm not in the UK at the moment so I'm not really in a position to contact Premier and find out if they sell to the public or are just a wholesaler.

    There's also the Mach 2 website. Do a google search for "Mach 2 rubber" and then look at the links page for a list of Mack suppliers in the UK. We joined Mach 2 last year and they're a very nice bunch of people. Well worth the membership fee.

    Regarding the quality of Weathervain's stuff, I've bought a couple of items from them and, TBH, I've been very happy with it. It's true that the items I bought were stitched rather than glued but, as they were loose-fitting garments anyway, that wasn't an issue.
    Bear in mind, however, that a Mack' bought from Weathervain will be a Premier Mack' and so will be identical to a similar Mack' bought from Gecko or Lakeland Elements.

    As for a few personal opinions...
    I have no idea what sort of products that a lot of these retailers put out. It seems, from the Mach 2 members I've met, that most of us own identical Mack's but bought from different suppliers. Premier seem to supply most of these.
    The Lakeland Elements website has always put me off in a big way. The sight of raincoat pictures with fake models heads cropped out of other pictures and stitched onto the raincoats is rather bizarre and not a very professional image for a retailer.
    I've recently been in the market for a couple of SBR macks and I've been in contact with Lakeland Elements. The responses I've got have always been honest, informative, well-informed and timely.
    The only thing which stopped me placing an order with them was that they suggest up to 10 weeks delivery for an SBR Mackintosh.
    I really, really, would urge LE to completely redo their website to win customers.

    The South Bucks website is even worse. Am I really expected to spend ?1000 on a couple of SBR Mack's based on some rough descriptions and hand-drawn sketches?

    Same thing goes for the Storm Clouds website. I find it very frustrating to read that they offer "handmade raincoats... of style and individuality" but the only pictures they can put on their website are some ancient ones which have been knocking around the internet since Noah bought HIS Mack!

    In both the above cases I emailed the companies to ask what they could do for me. My usual procedure is to find a picture of something similar to what I want and then send them an email saying "Hi, Can you quote me price and delivery for a mack similar to the one in the picture but with wrist and throat straps and an extra wide belt?"

    In both cases I've had no response in 3 weeks.

    By contrast, emails to Weathervain and Gecko gained a response the following day. Several emails to LE answered my questions fully AND, when I noted that I was really hoping to get a short delivery time on the Mack's, LE actually suggested I try Weathervain or Gecko. Can't really say fairer than that.

    The final point I wanted to raise was that of "custom manufacturing".
    I have found it frustrating that very few retailers are totally honest about where they source their Mack's.
    Almost all retailers claim to be able to do custom work and yet none actually provide pictures of any of this custom work and none list a range or description of the type of work they are able to do or how long it will take.
    This is in sharp contrast to, for example, the Cocoon website, where you can pick an item and then tick a bunch of boxes to select a variety of commonly required modifications.
    Sure, a Mack' is an expensive purchase and maybe people want the ability to personalise it as they see fit but it'd be nice if the retailers povided samples or examples of the sort of modifications they are capable of providing.

    Though I don't really have anything against them, I'd particularly mention Storm Clouds with regard to this fault.
    They claim to be able to custom-make anything that you ask and yet the pictures of their creations, on the Shinymac website, are very simple and the pictures on their own website are, as I said, pictures that seem to have been around since Lakeland Monsoon days.
    As I say, all in all pretty frustrating.

    To be fair, I wonder if their reluctance to reply to enquiries is because maybe they get flooded with dreamers wishing to discuss "purchase" of a mack with built-it chastity, bondage and breath control devices which they actually have no intention of ever buying?

    Anyway, to summarise, my recent attempts to purchase a pair of Mack's yeilded the following summary:
    - Lakeland Elements sound competant and honourable, despite a cheesy website. Possible 10 week delivery was all that ruled them out.
    - Weathervain, Gecko and LE all buy their SBR Macks from Premier.
    - Storm Clouds and South Bucks don't bother responding to emails.

    As a result of all this I've decided to purchase a pair of Mack's from Weathervain. Fingers crossed that they keep their delivery promise.

    I must admit, there are a few little custom things I'd like added to the coats so I might try finding out if there is somewhere I can send them to for modification in July or August, when the time for wearing Mack's is over for the summer.

    Anyway, that's my experience of Mackintosh hunting in the UK at the moment.
    I'd urge anybody with more time to contact LE or to contact Premier directly to find out if they can buy from them.


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