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View Entire Thread: Foot ball world cup Fetish party

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    Default Foot ball world cup Fetish party

    Well the long awaited football cup is apon us here in South africa, the preperations over 10 years on planning then construction the last 4 years has turned this country upside down, billions spent on up grading out facillities, a whole railway network that was buit from scratch including in some places tube sections to get to the various centers, high ways built with enormous fly overs, road works just about grid locked out traffic and we pulled out no stops to make this event awsome.
    6 days to blast off and the vib is electric, no less collareme is holding a party on the 2 nd July especialy for and pulling out no stops there as well for our international kinkster vissiters.
    So far we have a huge number of confirmed overseas guests, One confirmed so far.
    It seems America is warning thier Citizens to stay away because of rerrotism acts, there parranoia has no bounds, it is sabotaging our event.
    South Africa is friends with all muslim countries and they would be absolutely crazy to make us an enemy, and has been stated by the muslim comunity and countries no such thing would be tollerated, why do Americans interfere in other peoples afairs as they consistantly do. This is no condemnation of the lovely American people who I love, but at your money grabbing war mongers that rule your country for profit.
    South Africa,s hopes and dreams have been knocked a blow by your press warning Americans not to come here for fear of terrorist attracks, this is keeping tourists away and dammaging our event.
    Having been to the USA as you all know for an extended period, you guys have more crime and violence over there with your drug and turf wars, biker gangs etc, so do not point fingers, our security has been beefed up to protect from petty crime, international police agencies are sending police reinforcements to help at venues crowd control, so FIFA has overlooked all eventuallities to make this a world class event.
    No less we are holding this party to coincide with the cup, any interested parties please contact me for advice of assistance here in South Africa, only rubberists please

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    Default Re: Foot ball world cup Fetish party

    I think some people in the US may be put off by the fact that the murder rate in South Africa is more than ten times the rate in their own country.

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    Default Re: Foot ball world cup Fetish party

    Good luck Spirit, it is important to keep any risk in perspective and I cannot believe that South Africa is a place of danger from the point of passport control to the departure lounge some days later. All countries have areas to avoid if possible but very few are high risk. If I had the funds i would not hesitate to travel to SA and attend one of your gatherings.

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    Default Re: Foot ball world cup Fetish party

    This is the official US State Department Travel Alert. It says all the usual stuff about large events being attractive to terrorists. I think the same was written prior to the Beijing Olympics and is just part of doing their job. The Travel Alert also states that:

    The vast majority of visitors complete their travels in South Africa without problems; however, visitors should be aware that criminal activity, including violent crime, is prevalent throughout the country.

    This is the same as people who have told me about travelling to South Africa so it seems to be common knowledge.

    Hopefully the World Cup will be a huge success and wish all of those going a great time. Time to bring out my nationalistic side and wear the colours. Have fun.
    Gia Gloveliczyk
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