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    Default Melted Rubber

    Hello Oracle,

    I think I have done the ultimate rubber sin: did not wash my catsuit after sleeping in it.

    That of course was not too bad but what happend next is bad. I folded the suit and placed it on top of a plastic bin. Now I have gone back to wash the suit and something happend: in the center of my back is a little spot that seems like the rubber "melted" and made a hole! Additionally the area around the hole is discolored and feels "weakened" The rubber is just not as strong as it was. It is streachy now.

    Crying....I really goofed. What happend? Did the oils in my skin break down the rubber?


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    Default Re: Melted Rubber

    The plastic bin is oil-based, and a soft plastic will likely have leached phthalates which have destroyed the suit. You may be able to save it for repair by cutting out the affected area, but nothing better. Sorry, but that's the way of it: an alternative would be just to save the bottom as leggings.

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    Default Re: Melted Rubber

    Yes, Oil and rubber do not mix. It makes the rubber break down. On the other hand if it were neoprene, the fabric would stand up to oil.


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