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View Entire Thread: Panthera gloves

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    Default Panthera gloves

    Couldn't find any reference to them on the forum, but can't believe I'm the first person here to have discovered Panthera gloves.

    Black non-powdered latex examination gloves - I think theyre aimed at tattoo artists and piercers. About 4 for a box of 100. Look ok, especially if you use the light blue polish goo on them. As they're very thin, so good for wearing while doing everyday stuff (typing forum posts etc).

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    Default Re: Panthera gloves

    Hm, but look carefully at one of the earlier recent comments to you about the effect of providing gloves on quality - this is why latex allergy is such a concern in the medical profession.
    These probably work well, but I'm cautious.

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    Default Re: Panthera gloves

    The Panthera Glove site is HERE.

    An alternative may be nitrile gloves. Search google for "black nitrile glovesblack nitrile glovesG M Y" --there are many styles and sources. They are not quite the same as latex gloves but are quite inexpensive and do not have the allergy issues that latex does. I have been wearing them for years.

    For example, Amazon has Dynarex black nitrile gloves for under USD $9 for a box of 100 HERE


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