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    Default Denber Rubber

    Has anyone else heard of problems with Denber Rubber recently?
    I have heard from a friend and from a posting on another forum that they have been
    taken over by someone called Geoff Rogers(the son of the original owner) and apparently
    he has sacked most of his staff, leaving the company without a manufacturing crew.
    Reports are, that many big companies who use Denber are up in arms at not being supplied,
    and delivery times have shot up from 7 days to over 6 weeks.
    Sounds like this could have a big impact on a lot of online retailers.

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    Default Re: Denber Rubber

    I think they have had a difficult time of it over the last few months, the unexpected unavailabilty of a key element in the molding process and various other technical problems which includes, amongst others, an electrical failure at the factory. All this has added greatly to their dispatch times and caused much hand wringing amongst themselves and their customers, myself included.

    As I understand the current situation they are working hard to bring dispatch times down to previous levels and as a company who has offered very good service for many years I wouldnt consider these issues to be representative.

    As a customer of Denber myself I have always been very pleased with the service and as their technical problems now seem to be a thing of the past I look forward to many good years of service to come.


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