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    Default Lubricant dispenser


    We like to keep lubricant in bedroom nightstand so that's always at hand. To make discrete I put lubricant into soap dispenser which also is hand because of the pump. However with with all the rubber going on lubricant needs to be silicon based. In time being a lubricant as it is it finds it way out underneath the lid making the dispenser lubed. I don't my idea of using dispenser is really original so I wonder if anyone has come up with solution for keeping silicon lubricant in dispenser bottle.


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    Default Re: Lubricant dispenser

    You know those wall mounted soap dispensers that you push up with your hand to get a palm full? Is there a night stand or wardrobe you could put one on the inside of the door? (Put a bowl underneath. I haven't tried this. And won't swear if it'll leak a bit.)


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