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View Entire Thread: POLISHES in General (Start separate threads for specific brand names)

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    Default Re: Making rubber shiny

    Hi Gord,
    Thank u 4 the welcome, after reading what others have used to get thier rubber shiny, i guess its just trial and error. Others have said coocoon r a good rubber shop so i ordered a bottle of polish from them. I will take some before and after pics of the result and see what happens.

    Thanks again
    Rubber kim.

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    Default Where did Shine Come From?

    I was thinking about the whole shine thingy. It occurred to me that the idea of shine came AFTER the idea wearing rubber. The means of manufacture provides a very smooth and quite shiny surface to begin with... 4D is shiny on one side, Polymorphe's is shiny on both.

    But when did the idea of AUGMENTING the shine by applying polishes, silicones and so on come from? For many it seems that rubber MUST be shined and look liquid like. Mind you I am not taking a position against the notion of high gloss surfaces... but it seems to me it must have be a development as technology offered high gloss surfaced material/fabrics which could be fashioned into garments.

    PVC, and PU seem to have a very shiny surface to begin with and may have influenced the idea to shine rubber by applying polishes. These plastic materials may have been part of the impetus to shine. I suspect rubber came first, followed by PVCs and PUs and then the idea to shine rubber evolved.

    Does this make sense? Is the shine also related to slipperiness? Isn't this also one appeal of rubber... it can be so frictionless?

    What say you about the whole shine thing?

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    Default Advice for New member

    Hello to all as I'm new to this site. I've been interested in this for a long time but only recently been able to properly do something about it. I have purchased two [rdx]Honour[/rdx] catsuits, one for myself and one for my girlfriend. They are very nice and of wonderful quality but I really want to look after them properly. With them I also bought some eros bodyglide lubricant and some Silicon solution.
    After putting on my catsuit (which was great!) I then attempted to shine it with the silicon, but it just went a bit sticky and tacky. When I went to my local fetish shop, they said that the silicon (which is a bluey-toothpaste type of colour) should be put on first as a protector, then on top of that should be sprayed some silicon spray (which i purchased).
    After use I was told to wash it with warm soapy water and dry and then shine it again with the bluey silicon stuff to protect it, but this conflicted with some other advice where I was just to talc it down and leave it.
    To be totally honest, I'm not too concerned about the shine everytime I wear it, as its more for indoor use and I'm very unlikely to wear it out. I just want to keep it in good condition and most importantly retain the smoothness and the way it feels. I'm probably being a bit naive but I was wondering if I could have some advice as reading through some of the threads is a bit of a minefield of contradictions!
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    Default Re: Advice for New member

    Quote Originally spoken by Gord
    . . . . . Store on a hanger if possible. . . . .
    Not recommended! If the whole weight of the garment hangs for any length of time from the one area (ie: shoulders) the latex will take on a permanent stretch and will ultimately split along that line. Much better to fold the garment in half before hanging. This way, it is unlikely that the support line will be exactly the same each time the garment is hung, thus spreading the stress over a greater area.

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    Default Squeeking sounds?

    Is there any good solution to avoid the squeeking sounds from even newly polished surface?

    Honestly, we have tried a lot. The blue Pervoshine, the white version from Xarina which seems a bit better to make the surface less sticky and squeeky after a while, the Armore All and many other.

    We have never achieved the same silky and soft surface you get on a brand new garment with any of the liquids. Such new surface is glossy, soft to the touch and frictionless at the same time. Why?

    What can we use to obtain the same frictionless surface?

    We like to wear our rubber jeans outside and my dear also her rubber skirts and dresses. But it is very annoying to squeek and call on unwanted attention on every step or move we make!


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    Default keeping rubber, latex shiny?

    What's the Best stuff to you to keep Rubber, latex shiny?I've been told not to use rub-her.

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    Default Re: keeping rubber, latex shiny?

    What's "rub-her"? Not heard of that. Have you got a web link for it?

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    Default Re: keeping rubber, latex shiny?

    :us: The best thing to use is STP Son-Of-Gun it the same stuff you use on your tires and vinly interior It protects from UVA and UVB rays..

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    Default Re: POLISHES in General (Start separate threads for specific brand names)

    I agreee. Son of a Gun is the best. Unfortunately, it's no longer available (at least, I can't find it anymore). It seems "The Clorox Company" bought out STP, and Clorox already had Armor All and it seems they didn't want two competing products.

    The only Son of a Gun product listed on Clorox's web site is a tire protectant, and I wouldn't use it on latex, due to this warning: "Avoid prolonged contact with the skin." on this web site..Also, it contains silicone oil. Any oil will eventually degrade latex.

    Armor All is listed on the same site, and looks much safer. Although there is still that "Avoid prolonged or repeated breathing of vapors. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin." statement.

    A little further digging led me to: Armor All Leather Protectant, which looks to be the safest. I'll have to try it out. My car seats could use a bit of protectant anyway.

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    Default Re: POLISHES in General (Start separate threads for specific brand names)

    SILICONE oil is not the same as common ordinary everyday day "oil" that is normally a HYDROCARBON oil.
    Stretch6 (PhD, retired analytical/organic chemist)


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