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View Entire Thread: .GAS MASKS, Respirators or Rebreathers

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    Dec 2004
    US Eastern US, Middle Atlantic

    Default Re: Advice for gas mask and rebeather purchase

    My favorite masks are a russian with a hose connected to an israeli s10 and a hose from the israeli available to be blocked for rebreathing between partners, connected to a bag, or connected to nitrous oxide. You will have to flip the valves around. What an orgasmic experience. Just be careful!

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    May 2004

    Re: Advice for gas mask and rebeather purchase

    If you are looking for gasmasks try at ebay - uk or germany - here you can get them at a very valuable price; i've bought there three british s6 and three s 10. But mind the sizes (N is best for the s6; size 2 is best for the s10)
    Regards from Austria

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    Jul 2004
    UK England (south eastern)
    Tring, Herts, UK

    Re: Advice for gas mask and rebeather purchase

    Whilst the Russian masks fit well on the (my) head, the design does not easily allow the use of a re-breather. It is possible, but the valves would need changing.

    The outlet valve is a flap of rubber which opens under pressure from the face and exhausts direct to the atmoshere. (If I were a Soviet Soldier, would I really trust my mask to keep me from being gassed?) This valve can get very noisy when you are 'excited' as it vibrates as it opens. At least it does on mine!

    My S6, S10, Israeli and Studio Gum masks do not vibrate noisily. However, apart from the SG masks, I am not sure that they can be used with rebreather equipment without modification.

    One point about re-breathing, this is not to be experienced solo since when CO2 narcosis sets in, you may not realise you are starving yourself of oxygen. I suppose someone could invent a mask accessory that detects the CO2 level and switches from rebreathing to normal or compressed air when CO2 reaches critical levels. After all, there are commercial Carbon Monoxide detectors to warn if heating systems have problems.


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    Oct 1999
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    W. Pa. (sp, sm, fl)/Cen Fl win

    Default Re: Advice for gas mask and rebeather purchase

    Carbon Monoxide and carbon dioxide are two different chemical substances. One detector will not work for the other. BE CAREFUL!!!!!
    Stretch6 (PhD, retired analytical/organic chemist)

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    Default Respirators

    Unfortunately i've just been to Halfords.

    But to my surprise i found upon their shelves a dust mask / respirator with the "cup" portion which encloses the nose and mouth in black rubber with quite tidy elastic straps and clips and it has filters on either side which are grey plastic.

    I have until now not been able to find the same mask in black .

    I bought one and found the filter holders are just pushed into a 20mm hole in the rubber so i pulled them out and i will fit electrical grommets which are black - available in hardware shops, to the holes.
    This will just leave the non return valve in the centre present which i will paint black.
    I reckon some breathing pipes might also be in order or the diaphragm could be removed from the non return valve to get a two way airflow.

    Pop down and get one if you like, they are ?24.99 and see how much fun you can have accessorising it.


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    Rebreather Bags

    Hello All,

    I hope this is in the correct thread!

    I bought a Rebreather Conversion Kit to fit an Israeli Gas Mask from BDG Sales in the states.

    I am aware of the dangers involved in using this type of thing and would never use one whilst alone.

    My question is, how do I fill the re-breather bag with air in the first place when we want to use it?? I knwo that seems an odd question! Do I need some sort of little pump, attached to a hose with a tap half way? Then the bag could be fileld up, tap turned off, and off you go.

    Any advice/tips gratefully received.

    Best wishes,


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    May 2004
    US Midwest Southern US
    Austin/Bellville/Houston areas

    Re: Rebreather Bags

    Hi Rubberwalker.

    actually, a fair question if you've never seen one in use before.
    forgive me since you say you're full aware of the dangers. but i can't stress them enough so please forgive me as well if i add them in again anyway.
    once you strap the gasmask on and have screwed in the bag and adapter the pressure of your own exhalation provides the pressure needed to inflate the bag as you breath. the bag will swell and deflate as you try and bring fresh air into your lungs, and if you you're not careful, you get very lightheaded and can/will pass out from lack of oxygen. (for this reason, i recommend you not have the mask strapped on your head fully if you're alone and/or if you have a partner there to keep an eye on you, they remove it quickly as it could easily prove Fatal. playing with breathing games Is dangerious. be very careful)

    leave the valve open and you can prolong the feeling, (i saw that the re-breather-bag had a bottom plug-valve too, a very nice addition, i note here)no need for any pumps or anything of that sort. but the same caution applies.
    this is how it works in practice anyway.

    hope this is of help to you.
    pull, bend, and streach together.

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    Default Re: Rebreather Bags

    Dear Rubberking,

    Thank you for your reply. I do take on board your advice over safety, etc and I hope that anyone else reading this post will do so as well.

    But I am still confused. you said "once you strap the gasmask on and have screwed in the bag and adapter the pressure of your own exhalation provides the pressure needed to inflate the bag as you breath", etc.

    But how does the bag get full of breathable air in the first place?? If you just strap the gas mask on with the rebreather attached, the only air in the bag will be what you can breathe out the first time. That would not last very long at all. What I was thinking about was a method to inflate the bag with as much breathable air as possible. Then the air in the bag would last longer.

    Am I barking up the wrong tree?


    Fiona :uk:

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    May 2004
    FI - Finland

    Default Re: Rebreather Bags

    As far as I know, there isn't that much air capacity in a closed rebreather bag that you could use it for more than a couple of breaths.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, I've never had any of those bags, but the point is to have the bag open at the other end as well, so you will breath in a mixture of fresh air and re-used air. The capacity of the bag will determine how laboured yor breathing will be, with 5 liter bag you'll get much less fresh air than for example with 3 liter bag.

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    Default Re: Rebreather Bags


    Thanks FinnFighter ... curiouser and curiouser ...

    "to have the bag open at the other end as well, so you will breath in a mixture of fresh air and re-used air" ... well, the bag I have is closed at the other end and does not seem capable of being open!

    I wonder if there are different types of re-breather bags?

    Can anyone enlighten us please?


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