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    Default FICT: Colleagues (STORY)

    [Part 1 of 3] I inhaled the over powering odour of the rubber, which now covered my head, intoxicated with the smell. She pushed a rubber gag into my open mouth. She fastened this to the helmet with two buckles on the side which she did up tightly, pulling the gag deeper into my mouth. My breathing slowed down as I took deeper breaths through my nose, the air tainted by the rubber around me. She peered in at me and touched the end of my latex clad nose with her sharp nose. She picked up the bulb, which sprouted from my gagged mouth and squeezed it slowly and powerfully in front of my eyes. The small rubber gag inside my mouth began to inflate, filling my mouth with the taste of rubber, pushing my tongue to the back of my mouth, pushing out my cheeks, growing to what felt like gigantic proportions.
    [Part 2 of 3] (No short bio)
    [Part 3 of 3] (No short bio)
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