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"You are not alone!"
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About IAR
This page contains our general policies and terms of service and explains who we are, what we are trying to do, your privacy and what is expected of you.

TERMS OF SERVICE: You must be at least 18 years of age and agree to all of the conditions cited on our "front door" page at to access any of the IAR web pages. You are invited to participate by contributing original, pertinent content (e.g. post messages, etc.) so long as it is honorable in spirit and intended to make a positive contribution to our community. Please do not infringe on the copyrights of others. You agree to indemnify, protect and absolve the IAR Admin Team from any liabilities whatsoever resulting in damages from erroneous, illegal or unsafe information or content posted here by anyone. You are advised to critically evaluate all information and proceed in a general spirit of caveat emptor.

Who are we? A "Rubberist" is someone with a fetish for rubber, latex or PVC. We are an informal global brother/sisterhood of Rubberists sharing encouragement, knowledge and support related to our fetish. The International Association of Rubberists (IAR) welcomes ADULT Rubberists of all genders, preferences, orientations, races and national origins to join us. (There are no membership fees of any kind.)

The IAR Mission Statement: Our mission is to nurture the self-esteem of Rubberists everywhere, to foster a sense of positive group identity and to provide a forum for the sharing of Rubberist-related knowledge, ideas and information resources. We also endeavor to promote the common perception that, while Rubberists may seem rather bizarre or extreme to some, we are generally decent, loving people who are successful in life and subscribe to the concepts of "safety, sanity and consensuality". We abhor illegal or distasteful activities involving children or animals or which are based in hatred or malice.

What can I do to help with the IAR Mission? Simple. Share! Share your knowledge, the resources you know of, your passion and compassion and your sense of comaradery with us. That means being something more than just a "lurker". It means becoming an active particpant. It means writing messages, adding links, chatting and generally being a part of our community. Give something back if you can!

What is the difference between Rubberist.Net and the IAR? The IAR is the name of our group and community. Rubberist.Net is the webpage suite where we meet, much like a "clubhouse".

"POSTACRATS": Where does IAR's Rubberist.Net content come from? is, basically, a "postacracy"* where the power to create our community, culture and content lies in the hands of those who "post". These are the people who write messages in the Forums, coverse in the RubberPub and add links to our databases. These contributors are our "members" and they make the IAR what it is.

What content is wanted and not wanted? We encourage our members to contribute positive information, ideas, culture, comaradery and support specifically related to rubberism and consistent with our Mission Statement (see above). We do not want, allow or condone any form of content even distantly related to pedophilia, beastiality, hatred or malice, racial or ethnic slurring, non-consentual activities or anything which would tend to portray Rubberists as being something other than tolerant, loving, decent and law-abiding people who do not pose a threat to anyone. While what you see here may suggest we are somewhat bizarre or even extreme to some, it should also affirm that we are also basically "good people" at heart. Our members are asked to take an active role in promoting and policing this.

What about my privacy? Your privacy and the secrecy of your identity are very important to us. You are urged to use a pseudonym to protect your true identity if desired. The IAR does not attempt to determine who you really are in any way although we do connect and verify your username to the email address you provide to promote a sense of responsibility and prevent anyone from registering more than one username. Obviously, anything you write in the Forums, RubberPub, parts of your personal profile or any other public area are intentionally visible to anyone! The IAR will not sell or distibute your email address but we cannot be responsible for "spam harvesters" which may spider the site to grab email addresses posted in messages or hackers who may invade our servers. We may send you unsolicited email but seldom more than just a few times a year such as when we have an emergency with a server failure and need to provide you with alternative access information. Please note that the rubberist.ORG server ("MyEmail/Web") is operated by as an independent third party and the IAR has no administrative oversight or responsibility for any information you provide to them. If you have any concerns about your privacy please contact

What behavior is expected of me here? Nothing more than common sense and social decency. These "Five Be's" are guidelines:

  • Be an adult! This means you must be at least 18 years of age and act like an adult!
  • Be Responsible! "You own your own words"**. Any words you write here will be seen by a lot of people and will reflect directly on you for a long time. We encourage you to write prolifically, but put some responsible thought into what you say!
  • Be Considerate! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!
  • Be Legal! Don't post anything you don't own the copyright to or anything else that is illegal, immoral or just plain nasty!
  • Be Dignified! Let the world see that being a Rubberist is something to be proud of. Avoid sleaziness!

    Why are the messages in reverse chronological order? (This is a default setting that can be changed in the "Edit Options" section of your Profile.)The design of our forums is oriented to those members who actively follow or participate in ongoing conversations on a regular basis. (1/3 of our members check in daily!). Contrary to the design of most other linear environments you may be used to, we place the most recent messages first so our readers do not have to scroll through all of the conversation they have already read to the bottom of the page to find the "new stuff". They simply scroll down the page to where they left off from the last reading and then scroll back up to follow the thread of the conversation. This may seem a little counter-intuitive at first and may take a while to get used to but if you become a "regular" member you will come to appreciate it. If you are reading a conversation for the first time, you may want to start with the oldest "archive" (if any) and work your way forward in time.

    How do I contact the people who run IAR? Just click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of any Forums page or go here.

    *Postacracy -- a term coined by Cliff Figalio in "Hosting Web Communities" (1998 by Wiley Computer Publ.)
    **"You own your own words" has been the primary policy statement of The Well for many years.

    This entire website is 1998-2019 by The International Association of Rubberists ("IAR") as provided by Norwegian law as a composite work. Individual messages, images, database links and other editorial contributions are - 1998-2019 by their respective posters who, by posting them here, warrant their ownership right to do so and grant an irrevocable license for publication thereof. The IAR "shield" logo is the trademark and intellectual property of the IAR and may be used by other sites only for favorable linking to this site. It may not be used for any other purpose unless specifically licensed.